Do Three Sacs Mean I'll Have Triplets?

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I am almost 32 years old. My first pregnancy ended with a D&C on due to a blighted ovum.

I conceived approximately 2-3 weeks later. My first set of levels revealed high progesterone and an HcG of 46. I had the HCG re-taken five days later and it rose to 851.

Since I'd had a previous miscarriage and was not having a regular menstrual period prior to conceiving, my OB/GYN brought me in for an early sonogram. It which showed 3 gestational sacs measuring 5 weeks.

I am scared to death that I will be pregnant with triplets. Are the odds very high that all 3 will end up being viable and/or could these 3 gestational sacs be any other condition?


It is very rare to conceive triplets naturally. With that said, if the ultrasound saw 3 gestational sacs, you conceived and produced 3 embryos.

I do not know what the statistics are when it comes to the viability chances. You will just have to hurry up and wait. During the next ultrasound, if all 3 embryos have grown 3 little heartbeats should easily be seen.

Yes, there could be a couple of other conditions during pregnancy that could mimic a gestational sac, but for now I would concentrate on staying stress free and anxiety free with thoughts of keeping 3 little spirits alive inside you.

It is scary thinking about the possibility of triplets. May I suggest you let all that go for now. I always try to let go of things that are out of my control to change.

If you have any further questions please let me know and I will respond quickly.

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