Tips to Turn Twins From Breech?

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Dear Doula,
I'm pregnant with twins, 32 weeks. How do I get my babies to turn so they are head down?


Turning babies from breech is a bit of a challenge but it can be done. With twins, the trick is to make sure that you are turning both at the same time if they are both breech, or only one and the other one stays put!

There are many ways to get breech babies to turn, and one of the most successful to date is hypnosis! I have a wonderful Breech Turning hypnosis script that I will be happy to mail to you if you let me know. It has helped many babies to turn. We also have it on CD.

Consider some communication with your babies. Explain to your precious little ones, many times a day, how much easier and nicer "our" birthing will be when they are both head down, and facing your back. Go through a visual imagery of the birthing process, explaining in words, how each part of the birthing will be, ending with the babies in your arms, fully enjoying your sweet kisses. When your baby(ies) turns, thank them every day and talk to baby about staying in that perfect position. I'm telling you, the mind is amazing, and you are in touch with your babies; you can be in more communication now.

I have included below more ideas for you to consider.

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Chiropractic Technique Helps Turn Breech Babies During Pregnancy

Here's some information on the Webster Technique, (and more below) which is excellent. That is a chiropractic technique (they don't crack you!) that needs to be done at least 3 times in a week, but has a high success rate, and below is some information on many other methods and ideas for turning a Breech.

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I wish you all the best,

-- Kerry, HCHI, CHt