Too Soon to Travel?

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Dear Midwife,
I currently travel a lot but will deliver my baby in the US. My prenatal care has been provided so far by midwives both in Belgium and England.

We pre-booked a family holiday to Disney World for my 5-year-old daughter's birthday last year for a week beginning July 9th. Since then, I conceived which we are all thrilled about and the due date strangely enough from LMP is July 9th. My last scan provided another date of 28th June based on my sons measurements. I am 42 years old. If he is born around 28th June, is July 9th too soon for us to take a 7-hour drive to Florida with my husband and daughter?



Yes, too soon for the baby and too soon for you, too! The risk of hemorrhage is still present for you, and the baby will have essentially no immunity to any germs except those around your home. You need to concentrate on caring for your newborn at that time. Either someone else can use your place, or you need to re-schedule your trip, preferably until your baby is several months old if you plan to take him/her, or prior to May 28.

-- Cynthia, CNM