Trouble Getting Pregnant

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Dear Midwife,
I'm wondering if I most likely can get pregnant again after my past history? I got pregnant when I was 15 and had my daughter prematurely at the age of 16 (1995). I had a staff infection that caused me to go into premature labor and I was only 5 months and 3 weeks along so she ended not making it. (I had c-section). Then in 1998 I got pregnant and miscarried at around 7 weeks. 3 months later got pregnant with my son who was born on time but before he was born, I went into premature labor on my 7 month mark but they stopped it. He ended up healthy. About 2 and a half years ago I got pregnant and miscarried again.

I've been on the pill but about a year ago I stopped the pill and this January started to try to get pregnant. No success. Do you think there maybe something wrong with me?I was wondering if my menstrual period starts on the 20th of every month and it usually lasts about 5-6 days when I should have intercourse to get pregnant?

With my last miscarriage they did a D and C. I'm really worried I may not be able to get pregnant again?


It sounds like your problem in the past has not been getting pregnant, but in carrying the pregnancy.

Now, you're saying you are having trouble getting pregnant. With the cycle pattern you describe, I'd suggest starting to have intercourse on the 30th of the month each day for eight days (and whenever else you want!).

Good luck.
-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.