Trying to Conceive Using Ovulation Tests

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Dear Midwife,
I've been trying for over 1 year but only started using ovulation tests this month. I'm on a 28 day cycle and it's now day 18 since beginning of my last period. I've been testing since day 11 but have not had a positive test yet.

I'm worried I'm not ovulating. What day should I stop testing if I don't get a positive test? When is it too late to have the lh surge?



Fetuses need about 14 days between ovulation and when menstruation is expected to make it down the fallopian tubes, implant and prevent menstruation. So if you are really regular with your periods, chances are that even if you do still ovulate and conceive, you wouldn't know it because you would still menstruate and lose the pregnancy.

Since it has already been a year, I'd strongly suggest that you see a provider who knows about difficulties with conceiving, as this may be a pretty simple problem to fix.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.