TTC after Mirena

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Dear Midwife,
Now my question is what day should I consider my cycle day 1 (period)? I had my period November 19, 2008 and on December 1 I went to my gyn. to have my Mirena IUD removed. I began to spot on December 3 and the bleeding got progressively heavy until December 5th.

Was this to be considered my period? My cycles are normal 26 - 28 days and have always been. I began to bleed this morning as scheduled, day 26... Is this my period and the bleeding that occurred on the 3rd, 4th and 5th was just from my IUD being removed?

My husband and I would like to try and conceive around February and I would like to know how I should document this? Period? Mid cycle bleeding? I've heard many women on other forums saying this has happened to them and they all seem just as confused as I am. I am scheduled to see my gyn.Jan. 20th but I can't wait that long (I am going crazy and impatient)and I feel like I would be pushy if I call and ask the doctor. Please shed some light on this for me.


If you have been having regular periods, then I'm guessing the bleed was from the removal of the IUD.

Today's bleed is your period.

-- Cynthia, CNM