Tubes Tied, But Dreaming of a Baby

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I had my tubes tied almost 5 years ago. Recently I remarried, but have been dreaming about having a baby boy. I can see myself clearly sitting on the bed with the baby when my husband walks in and I tell him that we can't use a particular brand of diapers. Without even really thinking about it I find myself buying baby clothes, bottles, swings, etc. for a baby. They are all in storage. Normal, clockwork periods have become strange and irregular over the past 6 months. Could this dream mean that we could be expecting a child now or in the near future? Thanks for your response.



Hi Lisa,
The dream questions I receive are my favorite and so fascinating! What I have found with dreams like yours is that there is always a thread of truth to them. The dreams may come to people somewhat confused. An example would be that you may end up unexpectedly adopting, or it may even be someone else close to you that you are picking up on but dreaming yourself in their place. Prophetic dreams -- dreams that happen, commonly come to us mixed up, yet with all the correct facts.

Having said all that, out of all the dreams people have, dreams predicting the birth of a child seem to be the most accurate. I would not be surprised if you turned up pregnant and I have scanned girls who have had their tubes tied who have come in pregnant.

Please let me know when you figure out what the dreams of having a boy actually predicted. Even if you don't have a boy, from my experience, people always realize what these types of dreams end up predicting.

-- Jane, RDMS