Is a "Turtle" a Definite Boy Sign?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
At a 12 week 2 day u/s, the perinatologist and technician both said it looked like a girl. Now at 17 weeks they say boy.

I am so hoping that the first prediction could still be correct but the "turtle" at the later u/s was pretty convincing. The cord was getting in the way some, but the tech jiggled it out of the way and pretty confidently said boy. Is the "turtle" a very definite boy sign? Thank you very much for your help.


I'm surprised a perinatologist told you the gender of a fetus at 12 weeks, since it is impossible to tell what you are having that early. At that stage the genitalia can be ambiguous looking and has not developed enough to show that kind of information.

I am not surprised you have a different result now that the second ultrasound has been done. I would go with the boy determination. I have never heard any one say "turtle" but it sounds a cute way of calling a boy. Usually if boy parts are seen, it's a boy.


-- Jane, RDMS