Ultrasound and Dream Accuracy

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I was delighted to find you when I googled dreams and ultrasounds.

I have two children and with each child I dreamed what I was having and all my dreams were correct. With my daughter (first child) I thought I was having a boy but had several dreams where I saw a girl and sure enough I had a girl. With my son same thing, had a dream he was a boy and boy he is.

I am currently pregnant with my 3rd baby. I have had dreams where I was holding a boy and had three ultrasounds, two at 14 weeks and one at 16 weeks, and the ultrasound techs said they aren't very sure but think it's a girl. All ultrasounds show a protrusion in one angle or from one view and a linear line in another angle so they are not 100% sure but they both said they think it's a girl.

After I had the last sonogram I had another dream, that I had a miscarriage and when I picked the baby up I looked at the genitals and saw the baby had a small penis and I said to myself how could they mistake this for a girl?

Are dreams always very accurate? What's the accuracy rate and could the ultrasounds be wrong?

Many thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing back from you.


I am glad you found my site and info about the predictive power of dreams surrounding a pregnancy. My research shows a high accuracy rate with dreams of gender. John's Hopkins did a small study a few years ago. They studied over 100 women. Each woman was asked about her intuition and her dreams. The results were astounding. 100% accuracy on dreams of gender and 71% accuracy about intuitions on gender.

As far as the ultrasound...yes the gender results may be wrong. I think I would go with your dreams on this one. Your track record is good and the dreams have the feel of a predictive dream.
If you remember let me know one way or another, especially if you have a boy.

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS


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I had a dream the day before I took my first pregnancy test. I dreamed that I was walking into a room with pink ribbon all over the floor and as I leaned down to pick it up, I noticed that it said "It's a Girl" on it. Needless to say that morning I woke up and took a test and I was in fact pregnant and after months of wondering if my dream was accurate, a sonogram proved I was in fact having a girl. Then a few months later, I gave birth to my beautiful girl. Now, I'm pregnant again and just dreamed that a sonogram proved I was having a boy, but it is still too early to tell for sure.