Ultrasound Head Measurements

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
At my 23 week scan, my measurements for baby's head were measuring large. They are bringing me back next week to check again.

BPD = 63mm
HC = 227 mm

Is this something to worry about?


The measurements you gave me for the head are about 2 weeks ahead of your supposed 23 week pregnancy. What you did not say was how big the abdomen and the femur(thigh bone) was. If those measured 23 weeks and the head was bigger then you will be monitored at short intervals for growth and for any other problems with the baby's anatomy.

From the sound of your letter it seems there was a slight discrepancy only with the head, with no other problems. Usually in a case like this when you return for the follow up ultrasound, all is fine. This growth difference happen on occasion without any real problems. Please write back after the follow up ultrasound if the problem has not resolved and we can talk more in depth about why this might happen.

For now just try and let this info go and connect with your baby.

With Regards,
-- Jane RDMS