Ultrasound Shows Amniotic Band

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
Hello, I am currently 23weeks pregnant with my 1st baby. Today I had an ultrasound. My doctor found a thin line or amniotic band around the sac. He assure me that every thing is fine with the baby. He showed me his head, heart, hands, feet and fingers too.

He explained that there may be a possibility that baby's parts such as legs, feet or fingers may entangled in the band. But as of now baby is all fine.

He asked me to come again for further discussion on the same along with my gyn/ob. Based on what he told me, I have searched the details for AMNIOTIC BAND on internet. The results are very disturbing.

Please advise what should I do. Is there any way to prevent my baby from any abnormality?



There are a couple ways a thin band can show up in an ob ultrasound. One is an Amniotic Band and the other is when a venous lake is mistaken for an amniotic band. A venous lake is a small pool like density at the edge of the placenta which never poses a problem. I feel that you should have a licensed Sonographer or Perinatologist do what is called a level II ultrasound. Many times if a doctor does the study, it is a limited look with an office ultrasound machine.

Once you have the level II ultrasound, you will know if it is actually an amniotic band. If so, you and your baby will be monitored closely to make sure there is no extreme involvement with the amniotic band.

I can understand how upset you would be once you Googled 'amniotic band'. It is a good sign that the baby is fine after the last ultrasound without any entanglement. Please know that there is really nothing you can do to stop the baby's extremities becoming involved within the amniotic band. You must also know that just because there is an amniotic band, it does not mean that the baby will be affected by it.

The best advice I can give you is to stay calm, and centered and connected with your baby. I believe a stress free, anxiety free, happy Mommy gives her baby a much better chance at a healthy development. If you have any further questions after your next ultrasound just let me know.

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS