Ultrasound Shows Echogenic Foci in the Heart

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and recently had an ultrasound scan done. The report says, "Fetal Echogenic left ventricular chorda tendinae noted." There's a note that says "Echogenic fetal chorda tendinae is a soft marker for fetal Aneuploidy and as an isolated finding at 25 years maternal age doesn't deserve invasive testing. Prognosis is good in these fetuses." The ultrasound technician saw no obvious genetic abnormalities.

But when I showed the report results to my gynecologist, she says there's a 1 in 1000 chance of Down syndrome. That's left me confused. I want to know how to handle the issue and to take care of the future uncertainties.

I also read an article about cord cell preservation. Would it help in case something is wrong with my baby?


The finding of an Echogenic Foci in the heart is quite common. You have already done some research and found that the risks of Down Syndrome in someone in your age group, with no other anomalies detected is almost down to nothing.

You should have a follow-up ultrasound scheduled by your doctor to monitor this soft finding. Statistics say the next ultrasound will show a completely normal fetus (please look through some of my previous answers to this very question).

With Regards,
~Jane Foley, RDMS