Ultrasound Shows Small Bleed

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I went in today for my first ultrasound to confirm my due date. Everything with the baby looked great. My due date was right on and the baby's heart beat was 145bpm. I am 7 weeks and 3 days.

Last week when I first woke up and used the bathroom there was a tiny amount of blood and when I wiped, it was a pinkish/brown. I had no cramping or anything and when I called the doctor they said it was probably old. I have had no other bleeding since then.

When I saw the doctor after my ultrasound today she said it showed a small 3cm bleed. She said to come back in a week and most of the time it heals on it's own. If it does not it can lead to some problems. I did manage to to get ask if this meant miscarriage and she said no. She did put me on pelvic rest until cleared.

I came home and tried to find some info online about it and all I see is possible miscarriage. My question is what exactly causes this and is it something I should be concerned about? Also if it does not clear what problems will it cause?

Thank You!


What you are describing is called a subchorionic bleed. This is when there is a small amount of bleeding in between two layers of the gestational sac. (kind of like in between the layers of an onion, just to give you a picture.) This is very common and usually resolves itself, with the pregnancy going on to term. Do not put too much effort into worrying about this. The babies heart rate is excellent and the pregnancy is growing at a normal rate.

Look at this finding this way... You will end up with a few more baby ultrasound pictures then you planned on, because of the follow up ultrasounds Smile

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS


Hi, I just wondered about something. I had some very bad cramping at 8wks and i went to my local ER. When I explained what was going on the doctor ordered an ultrasound. I was told i had a 4cm bleed behind the placenta. My question is this, the doctor told me to take pelvic rest but many other women i have talked to, with smaller bleeds than me, were put on rest with no work for a week or more. My ER doctor went so far as to tell me that i could go back to work that night. I have a sneaking suspicion that this doctor was blowing me off but the cramping has not stopped and subsequent visits resulted in being sent home without so much as an ultrasound. Was this doctor just blowing me off or am I being a paranoid?