Unsure About Gender Determination

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second child. I have a 20 month old little girl. I have to admit that when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was actually hoping for a boy. Sometime after I was told by the radiologist that I was having a girl, I had a dream that I was on my way home in the car in the back seat with a newborn boy in the car seat. This pregnancy, I had an ultrasound done at 19 weeks and my doctor told me I was having another girl. So it happened again. I had a dream that I was holding a little boy who had the biggest smile on his face.

I was just wondering if the ultrasound could have been wrong considering I didn't have a full bladder when it was done and I was also told by my doctor that the ultrasound pictures weren't very good. What do think the chances are of me having a little boy???


Anytime a girl is predicted on an ultrasound there is always a chance it may be wrong. It is an easy mistake that every Sonographer has made at one point in there career. So, yes you could be having a boy. Dreams are usually pretty accurate if there are not external influences that cause you to be thinking about a specific gender.

I will venture to say that you will have your boy and that this dream is showing you a future son. You just may be one of those special few that dream well into the future so it may be a different pregnancy.

Let me know if you do have a boy!

Take care,

--Jane RDMS