Using Detox Products While Trying to Conceive

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Dear Livitician,
My wife and I are trying to get pregnant and we have some concerns about an over-the-counter detox/nutritional product that we are taking. The product is called Elemis Silhouette and it contains Gotu Cola, Kelp, and Klamath Lake Algae.

My wife has been taking the product for a week now and has 3 weeks to go on it. I have done some research on the ingredients and from what I see there is little human research on the product so the generic warning of "avoid if pregnant" shows up.

Is this a product that we should really be concerned about or is this like the warnings of don't use a cell phone and don't stand too close to the microwave. I think that the pills are fancy "snake oil" but I believe in the power of the placebo effect and as long as my wife thinks that they will help her detox the better she will make herself feel.

Thank you!


I do not recommend this product for optimal detoxifying.

Increasing dietary fiber (eating 3 grams of dietary fiber per snack and 5 or more per meal), eating organic fruits and vegetables, exercising and increased water intake (sipping all day) is the best way to detoxify and keep your body clean.

The specific ingredients you listed have not been established in regards to safety for pregnancy and lactation. For Gotu kola-the only adverse reaction established is allergic reaction- contact dermatitis and large doses may be sedating; Kelp is great as an iodine source.

Health and happiness to you and your wife!

--Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD