Using Ultrasound to Determine Paternity

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Hello as you can see I'm going crazy.. I need your help!! (please)

Well I'm pregnant I'm due on March 25, based on my ultrasound which I had done in my early pregnancy!

The story is that my boyfriend cheated on me and I got mad and did this stupid mistake...

I had sex with my ex,s on the June 15th at the beach.. yeah in the water:(. He says he didn't come inside me!!

That was the only time we had sex!! Then around the 20th of June I got my period!!

Me and my boy friend have unprotected sex every 2 days! So I find my self in this big mess!!

What are my chances that my boyfriend is the dad:(? Please help..


Hello, If you write back and tell the the measurements of an ultrasound I can help you.

If you are just going by a due date of March 25, conception would be around July 3rd.
I do not know how you got the due date so the accuracy of this is not the best. You are better off sending me the date of your ultrasound and how many weeks and days you were at the time of the exam.

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS