Vaginal Discharge During Early Pregnancy

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Dear Midwife,
I am about 5 and a half weeks pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and we've been trying for over 3 years, so naturally, I'm nervous about every little thing.

Yesterday I noticed I was having an occasional brown discharge, that also had a little pink in it. Had none this morning, but started again this afternoon. I keep reading conflicting things about this being normal, and then about this being a warning sign of miscarriage.

I had no implantation bleeding (as in red blood), so could this be leftovers from implantation?

Also, is it possible it is a result of a yeast infection, as it also has a strange odor, and I have some burning? I appreciate your response. I know I'll feel a little better if i can just make it to my first ultrasound (which is another week and a half away).


If you have discharge with a strange odor, you should be seen for testing.

Also, ANY bleeding during pregnancy should be reported to your provider, hopefully while it is still going on. That said, it is very possible that this is your version of implantation bleeding (everyone does it different), or it may be a side effect of an infection.

Unless you see a lot of bright red bleeding, it is less likely that it is a sign of miscarriage. Good luck!

--Cynthia, CNM. PhD

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