Vivid Dreams Early in Pregnancy

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,
Recently I found out that I am pregnant with my fourth child. I am having vivid dreams almost every night.

Yesterday I dreamed of a snake 10 meters long. I was afraid that it will attack my children or me, but it did not. It shed its skin and became smaller in size.

Few nights before that, I dreamed that I fed fish in an aquarium and I saw fresh red roses around me. I looked in the mirror and I noticed that I wore black shirt. My skin was tanned from the sun, although it was February. What my dreams can represent?


Hello, My dream expertise is with the predictive, prophetic dream. Your dreams seem to be more of the kind that are symbolic. You may want to look up in a dream book what dreaming of a snake represents or dreaming of red roses.

I don't feel like these are predictive types of dreams.

With regards,
-- Jane RDMS