Was I Ever Pregnant?

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Dear Midwife,
Hopefully you can help solve a question I have had for a while now that has been eating me alive.

Recently I got pregnant or think I did but I guess thats kind of my question so I'll try to explain.

I took about 9 or ten pregnancy tests and they all came out positive. Panicking of course, I figured I would go to the doctor to make sure I was actually pregnant. They gave me an in office test and it came out that yes I was indeed pregnant.

Still in disbelief I made an appointment for a check up to make sure I was pregnant due to the fact that if my mom were to find out she would kill me and my boy friend who was 21 would be in some serious trouble.

When I went back a week and a half later they gave me a internal ultrasound I'm not quite sure the name for it but it was rather uncomfortable and discovered that nothing was there. After discovering this Planned Parenthood tried to convince me I was never pregnant and did not want to take anytime to explain to me what happened.

So I guess my question to you is what happened? Was I ever pregnant? And if not how did I make so many positive tests? And if I was pregnant what happened?

I know its a lot to ask but it's been something that has been bothering me for three months now and I still cant get over it.

Please help me ease my mind

Thank you



I can't tell for sure from what you have told me, but it sounds like the most likely explanation is that you may have conceived, but that the pregnancy was not viable and your body re-absorbed the tiny egg.

Hopefully you have gotten reliable contraception in the meantime, assuming that you are still sexually active. It really is best to wait to become a parent until you are finished with your education, married, and have what you need to support a child. Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.