Weird periods: Could I be Pregnant?

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Dear Midwife,
My husband and I have a son who is three years old now and we have been trying for a second for a year. I have always had the most predictable period; it was always for seven days and always on the 15 of the month. But for the last 4 cycles they have been random and shorter. One month it will be the 14 the next it will be the 21 and only last about 3 days.

Now I really haven't thought about it much until my husband and I recently went home to visit family and I got asked if I was pregnant twice! By my mom and by my aunt. Both of them said it was because my breasts seem swollen! I guess they would notice it more because they don't see me as often, and my nipples have been sore. Some other symptoms are that I have had some cervical mucous that I normally would never notice, but this is thick. Also my hair is falling out as it did after I had my son and! was no longer taking the vitamins. Could I be pregnant?


Maybe. Why not take a pregnancy test and find out? Smile

-- Cynthia, CNM