What Are Your Opinions on Vbacs?

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Dear Midwife,
Hi, I have had 2 previous c-sections. My first was 4 1/2 years ago to deliver my twins. The second was 21 months ago. I was told by my Dr that he would absolutely not do vbac, and I wasn't fully convinced I wanted one anyway, so I went ahead with that. I liked and respected that Dr.

Now I am on my 3rd pregnancy, and I live in a different area. This Dr. may consider a vbac, but I am still a little concerned about the risks. Would you mind telling me your opinions on the subject? I am really sitting on the fence and I am just looking for information.



I would strongly suggest that you visit http://www.ican-online.org/. This is a reliable website with up to date information about VBAC using the latest research. Take the time to read all they have to say, and maybe go to some of the links also. Do your research, and you will figure out what is right for you.

--Cynthia, CNM