What Body Temperature Is Considered Dangerous While Pregnant?


Dear Midwife,
I have been sick for a few days now, and my body temperature has been a hair under 103 degrees today. I know in normal circumstances a 103 temperature is not yet reason enough to go to the ER, but I was curious, being pregnant, if my temperature continues to rise, what temperature should I be packing it up for the doctor? I am concerned not only about myself, but the healthy development of my son. I know their brains and such are not ready for the heat.


Anything over 100.4 is a reason to see your provider in my opinion. And a temp of 103 is not unusual for children, but it certainly is for adults.

--Cynthia, CNM. PhD.

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Cynthia Flynn

Cynthia Flynn, CNM. PhD, is the General Director of the Family Health and Birth Center which provides prenatal, birth, postnatal, gynecological and primary health care to underserved women and their families in Washington, D.C. Recently Cynthia served as Associate Professor of Nursing at Seattle University. There she not only taught, but remained in full scope clinical midwifery practice at Valley Medical Center where she cared for pregnant and birthing women, and practices well-woman gynecology, family planning, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

Cynthia founded Columbia Women's Clinic and Birth Center, where she took care of pregnant women and infants up to two weeks of age and attended both birth center and hospital births. Before Cynthia earned her CNM, she worked as a registered nurse in labor and delivery and postpartum and is a certified Doula and Doula trainer.