What Can I Do to Prevent a Miscarrage?

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Dear Midwife,
I would like to know if you could tell me some tips on how to prevent miscarriages.

I was talking with some of the women in my family and found out miscarriages run in the family. Every woman in my family has had at least 3 miscarriages before there first full term healthy baby. I on the other hand have had 5 miscarriages in the past 2 years.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


The first thing is to have a work-up by an infertility specialist to figure out the cause of the miscarriages.

Many times the problem can be fixed pretty easily, but I would not be the one to tell you what your options are.

I would not recommend that you just "keep trying" after 5 miscarriages; it is time to know what is happening.

P.S. The good news is that at least you can get pregnant!

-- Cynthia, CNM