What Causes Fluid Around the Sac?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I have had 4 successful pregnancies and my last one ending early in a miscarriage. I'm pregnant again and according to my u/s, I am about 5 - 6 weeks pregnant. I saw the gestational sac, yolk sac and fetal pole, but surrounding the sac is a large black area. One radiologist said it was a hemorrhage.

I went for a second opinion and was told that it wasn't bleeding at all -- just fluid/implantation blood showing up on the scan. The sac is tight against the uterus and the fluid fills the area below it, kind of like a "c" shape.

I am terrified because I was told to just be aware that the worst can happen. I am so scared and anxious that I am making myself sick over it. I cannot help it. I do not go for another scan for a week. I do not know if I can make it for the whole week without driving myself deep into depression and anxiety. Please, can you shed some light on this matter?



I first want to address your state of mind. Please, try and relax. The medical science side of early pregnancy can cause so much unnecessary anxiety. My belief is this is not healthy for Mother and fetus. The more calm and stress-free Mom is, the better for the child. So take a deep breath and breathe. This is a special time for you to connect with your baby. Remembering that will help you get through this next week.

As far as the fluid around the gestational sac, this is not an uncommon finding. Without seeing the ultrasound, I would say that both your doctors have a possible diagnosis. I have seen a sub-chorionic hemorrhage or implantation bleeding often. Many times these findings disappear and women go on to a full term pregnancy. "Driving yourself into a deep depression" then finding out everything is fine next week, will have wasted so much precious time, especially in this early developmental period.

My best advice would be to forget the ultrasound and science and remember the life growing inside you. I made this choice when I was pregnant, and had a problem. That time I spent without thoughts of ultrasounds, blood tests, doctor's opinions, etc., was magical for me, even though I lost that child. I would have hated to have lost that time, anticipating the worst instead of appreciating life. I hope you too can get through this next week positively.

-- Jane, RDMS