What is a Chemical Pregnancy?

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Dear Doula,
My doctor told me I had a chemical pregnancy. I wasn't sure what that meant and can it happen again? Is there a way to prevent it?


Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss. "A chemical pregnancy is the clinical term for a pregnancy that is confirmed by a pregnancy test, but not by clinical signs, and is lost before clinical signs can be observed through means such as an ultrasound. The pregnancy test is often 'faintly' positive or blood hCg levels are low. It is believed that fertilization occurs, but that the egg never implants."

There is nothing really that you can do to prevent this, since it is a random event. Becoming very healthy and low-risk can help your body stay strong however, so eating a well balanced, junk food-free diet and taking folic acid supplements may help. Click here learn more about chemical pregnancy.

Wishing you a wonderful next pregnancy!

-- Kerry, HCHI, CHt