What Could My Dreams Mean?

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Dear Ms. Ultrasound,

Hello. I need help so bad. Sad

I have had 4 dreams in the past week of being pregnant.

I really didn't think I was pregnant for a while because well my boyfriend didn't injaculate inside of me, but the more I think about it, he could have pre-ejaculated, and ever since the second dream I have started to think I am.

But anyway, could the dreams really mean I am?

They all felt so real, like only lasting about 5 minutes before I woke up, and it didn't feel anything like a real dream does? Plus, I usually never have dreams, unless they come true.

The last dream was me taking a test, it read pregnant, I called my boyfriend over, and showed him, and as I was crying i said there is a little us growing inside me. It was beautiful.

Could that mean anything? Could I have been having dejavu? And could 2 weeks be to early to test with a HPT?

Please help?!?!

Thank you, for your time. (:


Hi, I think if you have had dreams that have shown you the future before, you should pay attention to these dreams. I would take a home pregnancy test now and check to see if your dreams are accurate.

I always pay attention to dreams like this when I have them, especially when they about pregnancy. So much information comes to us about future pregnancies. This is why I always take note of Pregnant Dreams!

Let me know!

With Regards,
-- Jane RDMS