Scary Dreams During Pregnancy

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I'm having some dreams about drinking while I'm pregnant. I did have a few small drinks before I realized I was pregnant early on. I dream of binge drinking and then afterward totally regretting it.

Is this normal? I have these dreams all the time. They get scary even, sometimes. I know I would never drink like that, especially now, but for some reason I keep having these dreams. What does it all mean?


While my expertise is in looking into prophetic dreams, I will give you my thoughts on having recurrent scary dreams. These dreams to me don't sound like prophetic dreams, meaning dreams that will actually happen. I have studied dreams that really do come true for years.

Your circumstance seems to be based on the fact that you had a few drinks before you knew you were pregnant. We as women instinctively become over concerned about our unborn child. I know when I found out I was pregnant, I remembered taking a cold medicine before I knew I was pregnant. It really played on my mind for quite sometime, until I had my ultrasound and knew everything was okay. Sometimes seeing your baby on an ultrasound, and finding everything is okay, can give you the peace of mind to relax and then the dreams of concern will stop.

If there is more substance to your dreams such as a past history of alcohol abuse, you may want to seek some professional help so you do not put your unborn child at risk by drinking. It sounds to me like you are a normal Mother, who is showing her worry for her child through dreams.

Relax. Have an ultrasound so you know everything is normal and enjoy this wonderful and miraculous time you share with your baby!

-- Jane, RDMS