What Does This Mean About the Ovaries?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I got copies of my ultrasound report from the doctor and in this report the doctor says:"Large gestional sac of about 23mm containing at 5mm embroyo with no cardic activity. Ovaries are difficult to discreetly identify but there is no evidence of adnexal mass on either side.

"What does this mean about the ovaries?

If the doctor reported just before he performed D&C that I had a size 8-week uterus, and I thought I was further along (since lmp ~10 wks), does this mean my dates were off, or did the uterus starting declining once the baby's heart stopped beating at 8.5 weeks?

What normally causes a embryo to stop developing at 8 weeks, since it made it this far isn't it less likely to be due to chromosomal problems?



Hi Teresa,
The ovaries on an ultrasound are sometimes difficult to identify. The adnexa are the areas on each side of the uterus where the ovaries live. What the doctor is saying in your report is there are no problems in those areas and the ovaries weren't really seen very well. None of this is a problem.

If the fetal pole on your ultrasound measured 8 weeks, that's when the pregnancy stopped growing. Most times a pregnancy stops growing and symptoms don't present themselves at that moment. Many times women come in weeks later. I have even seen a month later. It all depends on when your body decides to try and eliminate the pregnancy.

As far as I know there is no way of knowing why you miscarried. If you have multiple miscarriages, your doctor may suggest you see a genetic counselor.

Hope this has helped you.

-- Jane, RDMS