What Does "Not Exhaust" Myself Mean?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
Hi. My name is Amy and I am 5-weeks pregnant. My doctor told me not to exhaust myself. What exactly does this mean?

I like to run every morning before my college classes. Should I stop running or what? Also what kind of exercises should I stay away from?


Hi Amy,
It is interesting that your doctor told you this. He or she must have some medical information I do not. For example, you might have high blood pressure? Diabetes? Or little to no background in exercise. You mentioned that you like to run every morning before class. If you are in reasonably good shape and have been running longer than 6 months with a clean medical file, I suggest getting a second opinion.

Sadly, many doctors remain 'old school,' holding the believe that pregnant women should be sedentary. However, we must be sure that there are no other circumstances for your being told not to 'exhaust yourself.' Please include more information if you can.

Otherwise, I strong advise you to see another doctor. and have this physician give you a thorough examination. A healthy, active young woman should be able to exercise four and five times a week as long as she remains properly hydrated, watches the inner core temperature and works with a trainer when trying anything new, such as weight training, spinning...

Good luck and please let us know of your findings.

-- Alex