What Is The Effect Of Methotrexate On Men?

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Dear Midwife,
I've read some of your articles on women who take methotrexate and are wanting to start a family, but unfortunately none of the answers provided can answer my question.

My partner takes methotrexate on a weekly basis for his Psoriatic Arthritis and we want to plan for a family, however we are aware that he needs to come off this drug for at least 6 months. My concern is that he will not be able to handle not taking the drug for that length of time. Is there anything else he can take instead, (within those 6 months)?

My other concern is that we will not be able to start a family if he can not cope with not taking the drug. Please can you advise me as I have spent hours researching on the net and can find no answers?



Hi Joanna,
I'm sorry, but I am more familiar with the effects of methotrexate on women than men.

As you know, there are many drugs that are used to treat arthritis, and whether any of them will keep him comfortable enough for the required time, only time will tell. I would think frequent intercourse after he goes off the medication would help to speed up the process a little.

Other than that, the only other solution I can suggests is sperm donation if all else fails.

Good luck!
-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.