What is a Good Fitness Program For Pregnancy?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I am about 10 weeks pregnant and I would like a good exercise program to keep in shaped but not so intense to hurt the baby.

Could you help me please?


You are wise to want to get in/stay in shape but before we advise you on how to work out you MUST first speak to your OB/GYN about your current health, physical activity and pregnancy. Because we do not know what kind of shape you are in or what your medical needs/concerns are, you need to speak to your physician first.

If you have already been working out, there is no reason (with the permission of your doctor) that you cannot continue working out without putting any undo stress on you or the baby. When your body is acclimated to a physical routine, you are easily and healthily continue throughout the pregnancy. However, many women wait until they are pregnant to think about getting into shape. For this reason, we suggest you:

  1. See your doctor
  2. Work with a personal trainer in your area to begin a routine

If you cannot afford a personal trainer* long term, invest in the standard $25 - $45 a hour fee for a one-time visit to have a personalized workout routine.

This insures safe and effective movements and the peace of mind you need to have fun while you get in shape and prepare for the physical event of your life!

*Important note: Be sure that your personal trainer is qualified to work with a pregnant client. How do you know? Ask for credentials and share them with your OB/GYN. A great question to ask your personal trainer to know if s/he knows anything about working out a pregnant client...ask about inner core temperature and how hot a pregnant woman is allowed to get while working out. Answer: Your baby is one degree Celsius hotter than you and has no way to sweat. Therefore, it is suggested that your own body temperature not exceed 101 F. If your potential trainer does not know the answer, find someone else!

Please let us know how your physical appointment (and thumbs up) goes with your OB/GYN and your search for a personal trainer.

Good luck. Have fun.

-- Alex