What Happens With an Implantational Bleed?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
Just curious to see if you could give me a little insight. Last week I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks. My dates matched up and the baby had a heart rate of 157 which I was told was good. However, they noticed a rather large bleed and they referred to it as an "implantation bleed." She said they commonly see this and usually you bleed or your body reabsorbs the blood. I have had no bleeding at all.

I go back for another ultrasound to check on the bleed in two weeks. I'm just curious as to what usually happens here. Do I stand a chance that everything will be okay when I go back or do I just go ahead and prepare myself for the worst? I have totally stopped being excited about this pregnancy because my fear is so large that I'll go back and get bad news.


Hello, A small bleed seen on an early ultrasound is quite common, and usually resolves itself as the pregnancy progresses. It seems like your doctor gave you the correct information when he/she told you these bleeds usually resolve themselves.

You are not bleeding. Your baby is growing and the heart rate is perfect, all reasons to be very happy. What I am worried about, much more than an early asymptomatic bleed, is your state of mind, and how you are choosing to deal with this diagnosis. I have always believed we should minimize stress during pregnancy and I talk to many mothers about trying to stay as stress free as possible. This 1st trimester is such an important time in the development of your child. Please help this life you have created, to grow in the most positive, stress-free environment.

When a Mother-to-be says she is no longer excited about her pregnancy because of fear, it is not OK! Please try and forget about this common finding on the ultrasound and move forward with your pregnancy with love, excitement and attention to good health. Regain that excitement and cherish every day.Your next ultrasound will be fine!Regards,

-- Jane, RDMS