What is a "Wet Reading?"

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I was just wondering what a "wet read" is during a prenatal ultrasound? I am going to be having another ultrasound in 2 weeks to check size and date, as my son is measuring almost 4 weeks large and no possible miscalculation of dates, but they have also requested a wet read and I can find no information on it. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Jennifer.
A "Wet Reading" means, at the time of the exam, your physician has requested the results be called to him/her immediately.

This terminology came from the early days of x-rays. They would take an x-ray, develop the film in a big tank of processing chemicals and water. The film would then be hung to dry. As the film was drying, if it was emergent, the Radiologist would read the x-rays 'wet' hence the term Wet Reading.

-- Jane, RDMS