What's the Best Breast Support for Nursing Moms?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
I did fine during pregnancy. I kept jogging until about the last 7 weeks. Then I walked. I assumed I could just pick up again once the baby was here. I have the okay from the doctor to start jogging again, but here's the problem. I'm breastfeeding and my boobs HURT when I run.

What can I do to lessen the pain? I am really looking forward to being on the go again.


Oh, yes. I remember those days..double bras help. The key to comfort is good support! There is a new bra that Oprah endorsed -- Enell Sports Bra. Your boobs DO NOT move. I'm fairly busty -- 36 D -- and it holds me in place.

When choosing a support bra during nursing, look for one without underwires as they are suspected to encourage breast infections. This particular bra doesn't have underwires, the clasps run up the front almost like a bodice. 'Course, you can also run down the street holding your boobs but people do tend to stare.

I also found that if you time when you run, it is better. Did you know that many babies do not like mommas milk after exercise because of the lactic acid that builds up in your milk ducts? Therefore, it is best for both of you to nurse just before running. This helps you for the obvious reasons but will also keep baby happier.

-- Alex