Why Is Exercise Important During Preconception?

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Dear Fitness Expert,
We are planning to conceive. Please tell me if it is safe to do brisk walking? What about dance as I'm fond of dancing? Can do some exercise to keep in shape? What other things we should keep in mind so that I may conceive well in time.

With regards,


Exercise is one of the best things you can do while:

1) trying to conceive and
2) carrying a baby.

Why? Because it elevates your endorphins -- a hormone that triggers happier/healthier responses from the brain, keeps your muscles strong and prepares you for child birth.

Dancing and walking are both excellent ways to stay in shape. Talk to your doctor to be sure you are allowed to be physical. Because we do not know if you have any medical conditions, you must get permission from your doctor. Having said that, if s/he says it is okay to exercise, just be sure to drink plenty of water and do not allow yourself to get too hot.

**You should read our information about inner core temperature.

Good luck and dance away!

-- Alex