Why Should I Have a Level II Ultrasound?

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
I am 37 years old and 17-weeks pregnant. My doctor has asked me if I want to schedule a level II ultrasound instead of a regular ultrasound at 20 weeks. He says it is usually recommended for expectant mothers my age.

I have indicated to him that aborting the pregnancy if something is abnormal is not an option for me. I also indicated that I do not wish to have any tests for which there is no other action/advantage that can result from the information. Based on my information can you outline any advantages for me taking the Level II Ultrasound?

I also do not want any tests that create any risk to the pregnancy. Can you also outline any dangers/disadvantages that may come from the Level II test? I would really appreciate your thoughts on these two questions.



Hi Susan,
There are many tests that can be advantage to you and your unborn child without being harmful. A level II ultrasound is one of those noninvasive harmless tests that yields an extraordinary amount of information about your baby.

You have shared with me that you would not choose to abort the fetus if something was found. This is not the only reason to know what is going on with your child. If by chance the baby had a condition that might become serious during delivery or needed a specialty team present at birth, or needed immediate surgery the circumstances of delivery would be changed, to give your child the best chance of survival. Knowing everything you can about the your child before delivery can in some cases mean life.

Please choose to have the Level II ultrasound. Your doctor will be happy and you will have a cute picture for the baby book along with the wonderful experience of seeing your child for the first time and piece of mind.

-- Jane, RDMS