Will Geratol Help With Conception?

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Dear Midwife,
I recently had a blood test to see if I was pregnant; it came back negative. Could it have been too early to see? I am only a week late but have some symptoms that I had my last pregnancy. I use to be on a 28-day cycle but now it has gone to around 31 days and I am one week past that.

My husband and I are trying. We have had two miscarriages and are getting discouraged. I know that I can carry a pregnancy as I have a two year old. We desperately want another. Does Geritol work?


Sorry, no, Geritol doesn't work. I'm hoping that you have already had blood work to make sure nothing is causing these miscarriages, as things may have changed since your child was born.

If you still have not menstruated in another week, take another test just to be sure. I am really sorry for your losses, and hope things go better this time.

Good luck!
-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.