Will Progesterone Save My Pregnancy? Follow Up

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Dear Midwife,
Thank you so much for responding to my question.this is the most nerve-racking moment of my life. My repeat progesterone after 2 days of Prochieve 8% BID went from 5.2 to 11.2. I had a quick ultrasound to make sure there wasn't an ectopic pregnancy and that it was implanted in the uterus, and go back in one week for a repeat ultrasound and I hope blood work. I have heard that if the progesterone is low, that this might be a pregnancy that should have never been.is that true? If so, I am afraid I will be setting myself up for terminating the pregnancy for some horrific genetic problems.



It's true that pregnancies that aren't really viable have low progesterone levels. My own experience is that if progesterone supplementation works (maintains the pregnancy), the babies have all been perfectly normal.

-- Cynthia, CNM

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