Wonderful Dream Experience!

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Dear Ms Ultrasound,
After 20 years of friendship my friend Leona honored me with a request to be in the delivery room for the birth of her second child. While she and her husband decided to find out the sex of their first-born, (a son), they decided against finding out the sex of their second.

When Leona was about 24 weeks along, I received the good news that I, too, was expecting my second.

Time passed and soon it was close to Leona's due date and I was anxiously awaiting the call to come for the birth.

One night in May the call came that awoke me from a deep sleep where I was dreaming of a beautiful baby girl named Gwyneth with dark hair and eyes.

After a long tense drive where details of the dream kept dancing through my head, I arrived in time to comfort Leona and herald the arrival of her second born...a daughter! Although the sex was right the details were not what I had dreamed of, Leona's new daughter, Catherine had hair that was so blond it was clear and her eyes were already a dreamy bright blue; this child looked more like me with my blond hair and light eyes. Leona is of French descent with very dark hair and eyes and if I had not seen her birth for myself, I would have had a hard time believing that this child had been born of my dear friend.

After the excitement of the birth, which was a life altering experience, I wanted to return the favor, so I invited Leona to be with me for the birth of my second child.

I went home to my life, where every day a little snigglet of the dream would filter down, tickling the back of my mind.

Soon enough it was my turn to make the call to Leona, who made it in time to give me comfort and herald the birth of my daughter, an all too familiar little girl with dark hair and eyes. Her name of course is Gwyneth.


Thank you for the wonderful story! Your dream is a good example of how a prophetic dream works. These dreams usually are not what you think. A prophetic dream, many times, will give you all the events which will occur yet, a different outcome or order. It's quite a gift to get a glimpse of your child before she/he is born. Thanks again for your story about Gwyneth, which is going into my submission file for the book.

-- Jane, RDMS