Working as Swimming Instructor with Preschoolers

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Dear Midwife,
I am a swimming instructor teaching multiples preschoolers. I am very concerned because the doctor told me today to make my own decision to continue teaching small kids. He said: "Small kids carry lots of infections, you will need to make that decision yourself."

I do not want to risk anything. The money is good, but not worth it if I can get any diseases.

Should I be worry? I'm not sure what to do? I also teach adults.. Should adults/teen/older kids be ok?

Thanks a lot for listing,



Do you have a good immune system? If you are already working with kids, chances are you have already been exposed to lots of their little infections, and already have immunities. Of course, unvaccinated kids can get chicken pox or measles, which would not be good for your baby, but hopefully you have been vaccinated so you would protect the fetus.

It's true that you do have to make your own decision, but trust me, I have cared for LOTS of women who run day cares, or are teachers, who are moms with other kids, or who have other frequent exposure to kids, and they seem to do as well as anyone else with their pregnancies.

-- Cynthia, CNM. PhD.