Would You Suggest Artificial Insemination?

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Dear Midwife,
I've been through your detailed, informative and interesting list of your preconception and ovulation tips and given my situation I'm confused. I'm deeply in love with a man who lives in Kenya and I'm in South Africa. We have discussed the idea of having a baby but the distance poses a big problem for us and he is forever busy traveling but we've tried the natural way.

Another thing is that my period is not regular. At times my cycle is 28 days or 21 days. My last period was from October 22 to October 26. I was with my man from November 2 to November 6 and strange enough I'm having my period again which started on November 9. Hopefully today is the last day.

My understanding is that the ovulation method works if the partner is always around. What I have in mind is that I should go for artificial insemination where I'll have my love's sperm stored safely here in South Africa and just do what needs to be done to fall pregnant. I now that there are risks involved but I need more information on this matter and my biological clock is ticking away. I'm trying hard to control my anxiety and frustrations as I believe there is a solution to any problem provided one finds help/advice from the right people/place, hence this email


Maybe a prior question to ask is if you want your child to have two parents -- it sounds like it is difficult for you to even maintain a marriage, never mind a family. That said, you should both be tested to make sure you are fertile. Then you will need to consult a fertility clinic about processing and cryostorage of the sperm until the appropriate time.

Good luck!

-- Cynthia, CNM

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