"Being Dad" DVD

6 - Highly recommend

The "Being Dad" DVD is the perfect gift (even to yourself!) for all expectant parents. Dads-to-be will appreciate hearing the truth from those with been there, done that experience! Moms-to-be will find it a terrific way to engage their partners in their pregnancy with humor, candor, and a refreshing frankness sure to capture their attention.

An additional benefit? Expectant mothers can get a glimpse into what their partner may be thinking. He isn't an insensitive clout after all!

This DVD journeys through one man's pregnancy from the time he "heard the news" until delivery. Along the way, groups of men from throughout the United States, UK, and Australia share their insight into the varying stages of their partner's pregnancy and how it impacted their lives.

The emotion and desires of these stories is bound to inspire both men and women as they prepare for their own little one's arrival. You'll laugh, get teary-eyed, and likely toss a few rolled eyes (or pillows!) at your partner at varying points!

The bottom line? "Being Dad" is perfect as a gift for a newly announced pregnancy, as a shower gift, or for one partner to another. Don't miss out on adding this to your home library today.