Binksy & Bobo Shopping Cart Cover

6 - Highly recommend

If you’re a Germa-phobe than read on! As a mother, I’m sure you know this situation all too well. You are at the grocery store with your child, when all of a sudden you witness your child wrap his tiny mouth around the entire handle of the shopping cart. Germs, Hello!

The Binksy & Bobo Shopping Cart Cover is not your average cart cover - this puts a barrier to germs while still allowing you to keep your sense of style. Numerous pockets stow away keys, shopping list, cell phone, baby’s bottle etc., while handy back pockets keep your wallet safely out of reach of baby’s curious hands, as well as a handy velcro tab that will keep baby’s pacifier in place.

Extra soft padding will ensure your child enjoys this luxury ride. In addition to the Classic Shopping Cart Cover, we also offer the Deluxe version which can be customized with a choice of fun appliqué so your child can express his inner self.

Handmade in Canada.

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Classic Shopping Cart Cover $100 Deluxe Shopping Cart Cover $120