Body Pillow

6 - Highly recommend

My first (and so far only that I'm aware of!) pregnancy was surprisingly good! No morning sickness, cravings were for normal things like hamburgers and chocolate! Actually, I still love the chocolate! The only challenges I had were:

Back pains.

I decided early on that I would sleep sitting up, since I was told it's better for the baby. But has anyone actually tried that?! After a few weeks of barely sleeping, I decided that it was time for a change. Another friend suggested the body pillow which I had never heard of. I took her advice and sent my husband on a search for one.

Well, the first night I used the body pillow, I immediately understood what the appeal was. My husband always complains that the room is too hot and until pregnancy I was always cold, so snuggling at night is a no-no. Well, the body pillow took care of that!

When my daughter was born, I bought a new body pillow since we're using the other one as a barricade in the home. Don't ask! My daughter climbs everywhere! So we did a search online and through a forum, we discovered a website that sells a few different kinds of body pillow. For $30 we took the plunge and I'm thrilled with the result.

The body pillow is white, firm and really good quality. So far it's really held its shape and it's really long. I had to search, but I found the site we bought it from. If you're looking to buy one, I highly recommend this one. It's far superior to the first one I had.
The site also has other items that are good for pregnancy. Knee pillows, a breast feeding pillow and probably more. With our next child, I'll be sure to get the breast feeding pillow.