Book: Breastfeeding Around the World

A new bi-lingual book, "Breastfeeding Around the World / Amamantar alrededor del mundo," communicates through stunning pictures and simple text the importance of breastfeeding and how it positively impacts the development of a baby.

"The sweet, tender images of mothers breastfeeding their babies evoke that very special feeling only a mom knows as she nurtures new life," writes Edie Wiltsee, MPH, MS, CLC, Program Director, Monterey County (CA) Health Department. "This book is sure to make a lasting impact in the hearts of women everywhere."

"Breastfeeding Around the World / Amamantar alrededor del mundo" showcases 36 captivating images of mothers breastfeeding their babies throughout the world.

This beautiful book was developed in collaboration with the Monterey CA WIC program. The goal is to highlight the importance of breastfeeding, emphasizing the value of a mother's milk as the best nutrition for a child early in life, and portraying breastfeeding as a wonderful way to bond with one’s newborn and family members.

From the United States, Italy, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Brazil, to Kenya, Sudan, Laos, New Guinea, South Africa, Mexico City and Thailand, mothers around the world are seen breastfeeding their babies at home, in the workplace, in the fields, and in the marketplace. Research shows that the skin-to-skin touch of breastfeeding helps babies grow healthier and smarter.

The tender images in "Breastfeeding Around the World / Amamantar alrededor del mundo" reach out to mothers everywhere. Whether a woman is expecting her first child, is currently nursing her child, or is just remembering those precious moments with her children long ago, this is a book to warm any woman's heart.

For this reason, we think readers will appreciate knowing about the book.