Bumbo Baby Sitter

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Bumbo Baby Sitter - great investment. Does require supervision!

No assembly required. Easy to clean! It is excellent for young 3 mo. - 4 year olds! My children use it to watch TV. I use it to help feed baby. It helps if you have a high chair and baby wobbles around. Very simple product, but for me it has been a life saver! Great investment!

Unless you are on the floor you can't leave the child alone in it. No seat belt or restraint. For that reason I give it a 5.


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This was one of our handiest things to have. It helps teach your baby to use his muscles to learn to sit up. I would put my little one next to me on the counter while I was cooking (no hot stuff just prep work). He loved to watch me and I was just right there for safety reason. We also used the bumbo when we went out to eat. We just set him on the table with us. Again, he loved being able to see us.