Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor

3 - Acceptable, might recommend

We used the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor computer for 7 cycles. It showed the uptake in hormone levels and then showed the little egg for ovulation. After the 6th cycle we consulted with an RE, started Clomid, went through an IUI, and are now waiting to see what happens.

This is the information I want to pass on.

The CBE monitor showed us ovulating on days 11 and 12 of the cycle, we have planned our lives for 7 months around days 10-13 of my cycle. Weren't we surprised when the ultrasound showed I had not ovulated when the CBE monitor was already showing my "fertile" days were over.

I put too much faith in the thing working, don't make my mistake and possibly miss out on some perfectly good cycles!


Submitted by karbo2 on

I got pregnant with both my boys using this! I don't ovulate until later in the month than most women and I would have kept trying during the "normal" time if the monitor hadn't shown me my fertile times! It's a little expensive but I bought mine brand new on e-bay for cheaper than at the store.