6 - Highly recommend

CycleBeads are a visual tool used to plan or prevent pregnancy. They are a color coded string of beads you use to track your cycle. Every day, you move a black band to a new bead. The bead's color lets you know if today is a day you are highly fertile, or highly non-fertile. Best part? They're over 95% EFFECTIVE! CycleBeads are also available on the iPhone, with iCycleBeads. They are for women with 26-32 day cycles, about 80% of us. I love them for a number of reasons! (To the right, the top photos is of CycleBeads, the bottom photo is the iCycleBeads app)

• Over 95% effective at preventing pregnancy
• Versatile - I have used them as birth control & am now using them to target my fertile days to know the best days to conceive!
• They're incredibly easy to use.
• Inexpensive! $14 for a set that has lasted me 4 years. If I were still on the pill, that's be over $1000.
• There's now an iCycleBeads app! So I can use CycleBeads from my cell phone. And do it in Spanish too Smile
• A percent of proceeds is dedicated to expanding family planning research, so women world-wide have effective options beyond hormonal birth control.
• $1 of every Deluxe set sold goes to the NYC Girls Project - an after school empowerment program for inner city girls. Isn't that cool?

Overall, I highly recommend. It's easier than BBT & over 95% effective. I started using CycleBeads to track my cycle while using another form of birth control. If you're using CycleBeads to track your cycle to best know your fertile days, you can start using them at the beginning of your next period. It's great because it takes any guess work out of the works. *And no mucus stretching, which for me, is a good thang!*