Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

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6 - Highly recommend

Fisher Price Jumperoo is highly recommended! Great fun and quality that lasts.

I purchased the baby Jumperoo for child #4 and am still using it for child #5. It has survived 2 major moves. I find the toy very durable - to the point that my 2 year old still climbs into it. The children love it from all ages. The older children ages 4 and 6 still play with it from the outside. The sounds and colors are fun and vibrant. They offer enough variety that the children could be entertained for hours if need be. It is also adjustable to height which makes it nice for a baby who weighs more or less than another. They love it so I love it!


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My little nephew has this and its wonderful! I'll be buying one also when my baby arrives