LUNA Beads Kegel Enhancers

6 - Highly recommend

LUNA Beads are the perfect aides for anyone interested in exercising and maintaining their Kegel muscles. Before giving birth to my son, my gyno told me that doing Kegel exercises would help me to avoid postpartum incontinence, and suggested a number of exercises including these beads.

Made by a Swedish company called LELO, the Beads are worn inside the vagina as you go about your daily routine, and your Kegels will tense and relax unconsciously around the beads resulting in a natural and effective workout. I wore them most days in the months before giving birth when I was out of the house, and am still wearing them 6 months later now that I am back at work.

Aside from helping with postpartum incontinence, having strong Kegels will also help reduce pain from menstrual cramping and – best part – make your vagina more sensitive to stimulation and results in more intense orgasms. This little effect was not explained by my gyno, but after enjoying some particularly mind-blowing sex not long after giving birth, I looked a little further into these Kegels and found this to be the case.

In all, they did wonders for my continence and postnatal recovery, but had I been told even before my pregnancy about the sexual aspects of keeping my Kegels toned and healthy, I'd have bought a set years ago! If you're an expecting mother, a new mother, or your birth certificate indicates that you are indeed female, then you owe it to yourself to start using LUNA Beads.